The continuous improvement of road safety and the environment is one of the primary aims of the Milano Metropolitana Safety Project, which reaches 130 devices active on the main provincial connecting roads.

The cameras active on the 61 parking lots are now able to report the presence of smoke and snow on the road and activate immediate interventions thanks to the implementation.

The recent technological upgrade aims to make the monitoring of parking spaces increasingly smart, thanks to the integration, in the 61 active video surveillance systems present on the controlled routes, of additional features based on video analysis systems for the detection of smoke and atmospheric events impacting the road network. These are intelligent connected solutions that allow easy and widespread monitoring of the territory through the video surveillance network already present and that represent a concrete solution to manage the consequences deriving from increasingly current climate change.

The active video surveillance systems, which already today allow to identify and record suspicious movements, are now equipped with SmoCam and SnowCam: innovative technological video analysis systems based on algorithms and Artificial Intelligence applications for the early warning of intervention in case of fire and snow outbreaks, developed by WaterView, company specialized in services for the collection and analysis of Big Data in the field of hydro-meteorology and integrated with the Titan platform of Safety21.

The systems are activated when predefined parameters are exceeded that define the risk thresholds when the phenomenon occurs and through the Titan platform of Safety21, TitanVDS module, they send real-time reports to the body containing: video clips of the identified event, descriptive data of the phenomenon (percentage amount of coverage of the phenomenon), location data (camera position, name and location of the road) and in the case of smoke, also an estimate of the distance of the propagation point.

A set of information that allows the competent authority to identify and control in real time the risks related to the presence of smoke in the area and the possible spread of particularly frequent fires in this summer period, to the poor visibility or slipperiness of the roads in winter and to better plan the intervention operations.

Milano Metropolitana Safety Project is increasingly attentive to safety and environmental protection and this latest technological upgrade embraces the sustainability objectives of the Metropolitan City of Milan.

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