The communication campaign

The Public Administration is very sensitive to road safety, the protection of the citizen and the environment.

Often, despite the importance that is given to the issues, citizens do not accept the possible sanction that may affect them when the rules are not respected.

For this reason, the main intention of the Administrations is to create in the citizen the awareness that what is done is to protect his safety, not for punitive purposes.

The campaign will see the use of different dissemination media, both printed and online: from posters on bus shelters, to 4×3 billboards, to banner campaigns in online newspapers of reference for the territory of the Metropolitan Area of Milan.

The primary message of the campaign is that “security is done together”

Security is something that is achieved, not through the imposition of rules or sanctions, but thanks to the synergistic contribution of institutions and citizens

The institution must invest in facilities, plants and technologies that allow the best control and monitoring

Citizens must respect with common sense the rules and the Highway Code

A new, but pragmatic and realistic concept of security: bottom-up security, participatory and shared security