Management technology used

Detection tools installed on the territory of Città Metropolitana are simultaneously handled by TITAN®

This innovative platform provides a unique tool for the provision of cloud services to support public authorities in managing the sanctioning process, including the management of field devices, handheld individual sanctioning devices and/or tablets, IOT systems, as well as the notification services to national and international citizens.

TITAN® is accessible via the web and can manage all different kinds of detection tools approved by the Ministry of Transport and in accordance with current regulations.

Monitoring of rest areas
Instant speed
Video monitoring
Citizens’ Portal
Payment platform
Pedestrian crossings
Average speed
Traffic light control
Drawing up statistics

The availability of a unique tool for violation detection systems (IOT systems) to handle violations to Traffic Code guarantees the efficiency and a total control of the authority over the activities. Hence, it allows to reduce training costs and guarantees the interoperability of operators.