Starting 9 February 2022 on the S.P. ex S.S. 415 “Paullese” the speed control goes from instant to average mode and 5 new smart devices are installed on the territory to guarantee safety of citizens, pedestrians and to save the environment.

Milan February 4th 2022 – As part of the “Milano Metropolitan Safety Project“, a program of actions aimed at increasing safety on the road network of its own relevance, the Metropolitan City of Milan has completed the updating and transformation of the speed control systems already existing on the S.P. ex S.S. 415 “Paullese” in the section road between the municipalities of Pantigliate and Mediglia and the installation on the territory of 5 new IoT devices that will make the safety of pedestrian crossings and the control of vehicular traffic increasingly effective.

Starting from 9 February, on the S.P. ex S.S. 415 “Paullese”, an innovative automatic speed detection system will be activated able to identify infringements committed in instant or average mode. The new system situated on the S.P. ex S.S. 415 from km 6 + 530 to km 7 + 581 in the direction of Paullo and from km 8 + 318 to km 7 + 051 in the direction of Milan will be active 24 hours a day.

The intervention has led, in fact, to the replacement of the instantaneous speed detection devices already present on the road section, with new smart devices able to detect illicit behaviour due to failure to comply with the limits allowed with detection of the average or punctual speed. A latest-generation technology, already successfully introduced by the Metropolitan City in other road sections, which by monitoring the speed travelled for a wider perimeter, acts in a more incisive and educational way in the long term on the driver’s behaviour, also bringing a different approach to speed control.

Like all the devices set up as part of the Milano Metropolitan Safety Project, the device dialogues and interacts with the Titan® ecosystem, the proprietary platform of Safety21 certified AgID (Agency for Digital Italy) supplied to the Local Police, which receives and manages information, data and images in the cloud useful for the detection of any infringements and for the scientific processing of traffic analysis.

If speed control is one of the priorities of the Metropolitan City to combat accidents and mortality on the road, the activation of the new detection system on the S.P. ex S.S. 415 is part of a broad action plan, aimed at raising overall safety standards in the area, to the benefit of drivers but also of pedestrians and the environment.

In the first weeks of 2022, in fact, four new smart systems for the detection of vehicular traffic were installed that allow data to be processed and suggest actions to improve air circulation and quality. The devices are active on the S.P. 13 Monza-Melzo in the municipality of Gorgonzola, on the S.P. 103 “Cassanese”, in the territories of the municipalities of Cassina de Pecchi and Melzo and on the S.P. 121 Pobbiano-Cavenago in the municipality of Cernusco sul Naviglio.

In addition, a pedestrian control system is installed on the S.P. 30 in the municipality of Zelo Surrigone. The device consists of four high-brightness LED flashing lights installed near the pedestrian crossings and two more external pre-signals, which are activated only in the presence of the pedestrian, and alert vehicles in transit, thus solving the problem of poor day and night visibility. The system is equipped with a fisheye camera that records along an area of 360 °, storing in a certified cloud, 24 hours a day, accessible only to staff of the Institution, everything that happens in the territory surrounding the crossing, ensuring the control of the covered area and the recovery of video recordings by the Judicial Authority in case of responsibility in an accident.

The activation of the speed control devices on the S.P. ex S.S. 415as of all the control and monitoring tools mentioned in Milano Metropolitan Safety Project – is punctually supported by a communication campaign aimed at informing and sensitizing road users towards an increasingly responsible and virtuous driving behavior.